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Created: Friday, 29 August 2014 Written by เจ้าหน้าที่

    Thai National Statistics System or TNSS is a distributed system by each government agency to act as a storage unit for the mission and responsibilities of the agency. Data storage is distributed by state agencies. Whether there is a way to store it. A survey with samples or register with them.

    Ministry of Information and Communication Focus on the integration of network management ICT sector. Integrating Information Systems And links to government data, the system can utilize the statistics. Policy planning in developing countries. By taking a statistics system that is accessible to the public. Sufficient information for quick and current. For use in planning solutions, and monitor the implementation of strategic importance. Can be carried out efficiently and effectively.

   Statistics Act 2550 empowers the Office for National Statistics is responsible for coordinating federal agency. Preparation and management of statistical information. The statistics in coordination with a network statistics. In order to obtain statistically significant data base of the country.

   Office for National Statistics The Information Center has implemented a strategic sector. Statistical data exchange standards developed by the exchange of statistical data and links SDMX (Statistic Data and Metadata Exchange) was used for data interchange government agencies. Accordance with the guideline standard for data exchange of (TH-egif) and Management Information Systems provides comprehensive and complete in terms of the three aspects of information policy (Agenda Base) information from the management of each project. government (Function Base) and the area (Area Base) in coordination with related government agencies. To integrate Linking strategic information and analysis to assist in decision making and policy planning in the country. The consulting and operational support to the management of data by standard statistical procedures (GSBPM) technology to integrate links to government agencies. The center of the integration of statistical and analytical information exchange and access for all sectors are linked in a systematic way.

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